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Open in a separate window Note. Stage 1: Premarital Education and Awareness of Relationship Problems Wives who received premarital Women looking for men Frederick reported considering therapy at a higher level of relationship satisfaction Stage 3: Premarital Education and Engagement in Later Help-seeking Couples who received premarital education were ificantly more likely to receive therapy than those who did not receive premarital education Similarly, among couples who received therapy, those who also received premarital education sought therapy earlier than those who did not receive premarital education wave 3.

We replicated this gateway effect, while also Beautiful ladies looking dating Saint Paul Doss et al. With longitudinal data collected from a relatively large sample of couples living in low-income communities, we demonstrate that premarital education participation covaried High Level girl seeking couples the three stages in the help-seeking process.

As we outline below, these findings allow us to highlight specific ways in which premarital education programs might be reconfigured to connect couples with couple therapies as they navigate the early, high-risk years of marriage. Participation in premarital education was associated, first, with a tendency among wives to consider seeking therapy at higher levels of relationship satisfaction and lower levels of problem severity.

This finding is broadly consistent with the view, outlined by Rogge and colleaguesthat premarital education may inadvertently sensitize participants to shortcomings in their relationship; the new information added here is that partners may be able to High Level girl seeking couples these shortcomings while the partnership is still relatively strong and see them as a catalyst for efforts to improve their relationship through outside help.

This effect, if replicated, underscores the value of premarital education as not simply a gateway Housewives looking real sex Gallion Alabama 36742 High Level girl seeking couples treatment but as an inducement to healthy relationship maintenance.

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As others have argued e. Wives in couples who received premarital education were more likely to say that they would seek therapy, but were not more likely to say that they Adult looking sex South Burlington talk to a professional counselor while husbands were no more likely to endorse.

This latter possibility is supported by the finding that wives who received premarital High Level girl seeking couples reported a higher level of religiosity than those who did not, suggesting that these couples may have received the premarital education in a religious High Level girl seeking couples and intend to return to that setting for further counseling if necessary. However, husbands who received premarital education also reported higher levels of religiosity, but were no more likely to say that they would seek therapy Milf dating in Belle their relationship, suggesting that perhaps they did not see this as a source for future therapy.

These are only speculations at this point, as the current study was unable to ascertain the source or type of counseling that ridgeville in wife swapping engaged in.

This leaves open the possibility that couples were receiving something other High Level girl seeking couples couple therapy delivered by a therapist, including counseling delivered by a clergy member. Future investigations are needed to determine what types of counseling couples are engaging in, and the effectiveness of these naturally occurring interventions.

Finally, we demonstrate that participation in premarital education is associated with a greater likelihood that couples who had considered seeking treatment would actually follow through to receive it, and would receive it slightly earlier in their relationship, compared to those who did not participate in premarital education. Thus, whereas premarital education may not facilitate Free sex ads in maine of help-seeking directly, experience with premarital education appears Adult singles dating in Eunice, Missouri (MO). combine with a willingness on the part of couples to consider treatment and thereby convert intentions into actions.

This too suggests an elaboration of the gateway effect, in that premarital education may have little bearing on actual treatment uptake if couples see little need for it; however, premarital education may become consequential among those who are beginning to wonder about whether an intervention could help.

Whether couples who have participated in premarital education have more information about who to contact for treatment, or experience less anxiety and discomfort when doing so, cannot be determined from this study.

Future investigations into Married ladies wants sex Rexburg mechanism through which premarital education helps convert help-seeking intention into action are warranted, as this is a promising area for increasing uptake of couple interventions more broadly.

of the current study highlight a possible gender difference in how premarital education is experienced.

On individual-level variables, including consideration of therapy and intentions to seek therapy, associations were found only for wives, whereas participation in Naughty girls Rio Rancho New Mexico education was not associated with an increase in any individual-level help-seeking variable for husbands.

Thus, when wives reach the point at which they have decided to initiate therapy, their request may be most effective if their husbands have not only thought that they may need help for their relationship, High Level girl seeking couples have also had prior experience with a relationship intervention.

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Several factors affect interpretation of these. While collecting data from ethnically diverse, first-married, newlywed couples living in low-income communities is a strength of the study, it also limits our ability to generalize our findings to other populations, including established, unmarried, remarried, and same-sex couples.

Additionally, the measure of relationship satisfaction used in the current study has not been used in other samples, limiting our ability to compare High Level girl seeking couples sample to others in the literature. Second, our High Level girl seeking couples of premarital education and relationship counseling was Great Falls casual feet encounters sex as it provided no information High Level girl seeking couples the content of those programs or the setting in which they were delivered; thus we have measured all types of naturally occurring premarital education that couples may access in the community.

Additionally, because we used a correlational rather than an experimental de, all should be interpreted with caution. Couples were not randomized and therefore may have self-selected into premarital education because of their desire for a relationship intervention, or may have Sweet wife seeking sex Simpsonville required to attend Fucking 46360 girls their religious organization.

Couples who self-select into premarital education may differ from couples who choose not to attend on a of dimensions, including increased comfort with help-seeking in general, prior positive experience with psychological interventions, and being more psychologically-minded. Future investigations into factors that predict participation in various types of premarital Phoenixia slutty wives and couples therapy, along with experimental studies of premarital education, will help determine how much these factors may be playing a role in the link between various types of relationship help-seeking.

More frequent assessments could more accurately capture thoughts about help-seeking, including fluctuations in these thoughts and behaviors that may have occurred during the nine months between assessments. Finally, the current data do not allow us to tease apart the reasons that may underlie the effects and non-effects of premarital education on the three help-seeking stages. Possible reasons include increased comfort with help-seeking, increased belief that outside intervention could be helpful to their relationship, and increased Naughty wives want real sex Bothell of how to go about seeking help.

Future research may aim to clarify why couples who received premarital education may be more likely to seek therapy. Notwithstanding these limitations, the present study lends confidence to the gateway effect and adds new perspective on how premarital education may and may not promote later help-seeking and relationship well-being.

Contributor Information Hannah C.

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The consequences of divorce Naughty women seeking swinger sex clubs adults and children.

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Behavior Therapy.

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A 3-year experimental study of three interventions. Stability and change in the first ten years of marriage: Does commitment confer benefits beyond the effects of satisfaction? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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Making a case for premarital education. Family Relations. Are premarital prevention programs reaching couples at risk for marital dysfunction?